Winter is coming


UPDATED (Monday, 23.11.2015, 1:00 AM SLT) Cold front is here now РSnow in Brook Hill.

It’s getting colder and the air is crispier. Only a few more days and we will have snow in Brook Hill. Next weekend the ground, the trees and grass will get frosty and the flowers will disappear. From an explosion in colours with autumn, we will soon¬†enter the silent and snowy season.

Marcus Aurelius was born 05/08/2007 - his username in SecondLife is Goldenboy Planer. He founded the Aurelius Estate in April 2014 as a holding company for other projects. As the first project, Brook Hill estate opened in September 2014 with 9 regions and has later grown to 20 regions in the Blake Sea area. In October 2015 he founded, together with Samuel Fallen, Brook Hill Living - a company that will build and sell houses in Second life.