Exhibit in the Brook Hill Gallery?


The Brook Hill Gallery is to provide gallery space and support for new and established Second Life Artist.

Each approved artist will receive free gallery space for 28 days.

Please read carefully, if you agree, proceed with the application.

-All artwork must be of your own intellectual property or you must have explicit permission to use the photos you will exhibit.
-All art work must follow the Second Life TOS and the Linden Labs Community Standards.
-You can sell your artwork, this is not required but we do ask that you have a minimum price of 300 Lindens.
-All participants will be allotted 14 prims. If for any reason you need more, we can adjust according to your specifics within reason.
-Gallery space is free. We do not accept any commission from artist, but donations are always welcome.
-Upon arrival, artist should already have their work placed on prims or in frames to avoid any texturing mishaps.
-Your exhibition will run for a period of 28 days (4 weeks).
-At the end of your exhibition you will have 48 hours to retrieve your prims, after this time frame, we will return your artwork.
-You must join our rez group in order to rez. We will only give rez rights to the actual artist.
-Membership to the rez group is temporary and will only last for the duration of your exhibit.
-No auto group joiners, chat spammers, tip jars or donation jars are allowed; you can have a non verbal touch group joiner
-No advertisements for any other galleries.
-We are not responsible for any sim performance issues or outages.

Click this link to go to the application form.

Artist, Director and Curator for Brook Hill Gallery.