The Covenant


lawBrook Hill – Covenant version 1.7 – April 2016

The Brook Hill estate is defined by the area from the north western corner in the region Brook Hill Beach and includes all connected regions east and south of it.

This is a privately owned estate in Second Life and this covenant applies to all activity in the estate’s regions. The estate management reserves the right to change this covenant without prior notice. The covenant applies to all leases, rentals and visitors. Questions about this can be directed to Estate Management.

1) General code of conduct
2) Themes and zoning
3) Builds, content and landscaping
4) Leasing parcels/regions
5) Renting
6) Staff
7) Misc
8) Revision log

1)   General code of conduct
If you are uncertain of anything in this Covenant, ask your Estate Manager before you do anything to avoid having to change it after.
•    This is a “Sailing First” estate. Sailing activity has first priority. Give way to sailing vessels and do not block or interfere any sailing activity.
•    Respect the privacy of the residents.
•    Keep aircraft over 80 meters when in flight.
•    No form of combat or use of weapons anywhere in the estate.
•    Do not involve people in role play without their consent.
•    Heed Linden Lab’s TOS and maturity ratings. This means sexual activities is reserved for residents inside their private homes
•    Do not rez your objects in public areas just because you can
•    Harassing behavior will get you banned

2)   Themes and zoning
Brook Hill is a seasonal and themed estate. Lush green landscape by the sea with a village mostly built in classical European style. We wish to keep an high quality standard for our Estate, both in service and expression when we develop the estate further.
The public areas are terraformed, landscaped and decorated to conform to the given theme. Residents and other content creators are required to build, terraform and landscape the areas they lease/rent accordingly (see paragraph 3 below).
Commercial activity is restricted to designated areas only – areas given by the Estate Management.
To avoiding filling a region with people and blocking public traffic, arrange your parties at designated area within the Estate or elsewhere.

3)   Builds, parcels and landscaping
These are general rules, – additional restrictions may apply and will be described in the rental/lease notecard – make sure to read that as well before beginning a rental or lease.
In our estate theme, we exclude timber log buildings, old stone castles and fairy tale houses. Raw concrete surfaces or houses with manly big windows are not a part of Brook Hill Estate theme.

All houses must be approved by Estate Manager. For your convenience, we have prepared a list with pre approved houses – See

Estate Management reserves the right to demand corrections to any aspect of settings, landscaping and/or content. We strongly suggest not purchasing prefabs or other content if you are the least unsure whether or not it will be approved. Particular rules:
•    Do not leave your parcel undeveloped for a long period of time, except when leave your parcel.
•    No builds can be taller than 25 meters (measured from the ground to highest part of the build)
•    No palm trees, or exotic plants or exotic animals. Small exotic plants in urns outside are allowed
•    Do not use full bright textures, glow, particles/bling, excessive light.
•    Sky boxes etc. (not subject to theme restrictions) must be placed at 2000 meters or above.
•    Non-house like builds like off-sim objects, objects extending parcel boundaries, lighthouses, wave breakers, etc. must be pre-approved by an Estate Manager before placing the objects.
•    Landscaping must be done to fit the existing surrounding landscape. Major impact on the landscape will not be approved
•    All regions and parcels must have a buffer of unused prims to allow vehicles to pass safely through or above the parcel. Estate owner will adjust prim size on public land accordingly. (We recommend a buffer on approx. 50 prims pr parcel)
•    Breedables in general is not accepted in Brook Hill. Contact Estate Manager for more information.
Safety regulations
•    Parcel access settings must be set to “Allow Public Access” – no ban/access lines are allowed.
•    All parcels must have auto return set to a value higher than 0 (zero), even if building permissions are restricted to group/owner
•    Scripted security systems (orbs, etc.) are allowed
Orb settings
•    Warning period minimum 30 seconds
•    Vertically – maximum 30 meters altitude
•    Horizontally  – Only over land parcel (waters are regarded as open areas)

4)   Leasing parcels
These are general rules, – exceptions may exist due to grandfathered arrangements or other circumstances.
Leasing parcels will normally mean that the parcel is technically owned by the leaser or a group he/she owns, but without the right to sell the parcel to others. Price, payment periods, leasing terms and other particular information is available at the parcel through an info object. Starting a lease implies accepting those terms as well as this covenant.
Particular information:
•    The look and form of regions may be changed, new regions added, etc. at Estate owner’s discretion without prior notice.
•    “Allow Land Resell” is turned on to allow deeding land to a group, selling lease parcels to others is not allowed.
•    Terra forming is available to perform minor adjustments to parcels to fit with builds etc. Parcel terrain must fit nicely with the surroundings. Estate Managers will assist with terraforming on request and may do terraform adjustments without notice if seen necessary.
•    The areas will be subject to season changes through the year. Parcel owners must be prepared to see changes in terrain textures and landscaping/common land objects due to this. Following up on season changes on leased parcels is voluntary.
•    No refunds are given on paid leases. It is possible to move within the estate, remaining lease time will be adjusted depending on upgrade or downgrade.

5)   Renting
Renting means being able to place objects on group owned land. Such rentals can be spaces for vendors/products, shops, boat/seaplane slips, prefab homes, etc. Price, payment periods, prim allowance and other leasing terms is available through information in the rental/payment object. Initiating a rental means accepting those terms as well as this covenant.
•    No refunds are given on paid rentals. Remaining rental time may be transferred to other rentals belonging to the same tenant within the estate.

6)  Staff
To see the Management group of Brook Hill, go to the official website;

7)   Mich
•    Unauthorized use of the name “Brook Hill” in land, products, services or group names are not permitted
•    Use a platform (above 2000 meters) for unfinished builds.

8)   Revision log
2014-09-17: v 1.0  – Document, first version
2015-02-04: v 1.2 – Detailed description about free prims deleted. More general description added.
2015-03-17: v 1.3 – Section 3) About Undeveloped parcels. New section 7 – use of the name Brook Hill
2015-05-26: v 1.4 – The document; layout changes – text simplified – Section 3) Specified in more detail what house goes or not – Orb scan range changed  Section 6) Changed from Very important information to Staff
2015-08-17: v 1.5 – Staff name removed from the text – information is on the official website
2015-11-30: v 1.6 – Changed some details on breeadables
2016-04-01: v 1.7 – Changed website addresses


Marcus Aurelius was born 05/08/2007 - his username in SecondLife is Goldenboy Planer. He founded the Aurelius Estate in April 2014 as a holding company for other projects. As the first project, Brook Hill estate opened in September 2014 with 9 regions and has later grown to 20 regions in the Blake Sea area. In October 2015 he founded, together with Samuel Fallen, Brook Hill Living - a company that will build and sell houses in Second life.