The Chilmark House, version 1.0


Poster2The Chilmark House is a two floor wooden building. When designing the house, the design team had the idea to make a spacious home with an easy distribution of the rooms. The team had the following room plan in mind when drawing the blueprint;

First floor
•    main entrance, hallway, kitchen and dining area with a separate kitchen entrance, laundry room, living room and one outdoor porch.
Second floor
•    two large bedrooms with connecting bathrooms, a smaller bedroom or office, an entertainment area and two outdoor porches.

You can of course use the rooms differently.


  • Price 3800 L$
  • Land impact 395
  • Copy, modifiable, non transfer
  • Maximum height     18,5 meters / 60’ 8.34 in
  • Maximum width    35,3 meters / 115’ 9.76 in
  • Maximum depth    27 meters / 88’ 6.99 in

LOD optimized and materials are enabled.

The building is 100% mesh and we have used our best technology to put this building together. The elements used are light weight, but do not collapse seen from a distance. We also made the house modifiable, so you can change the colors or/and the textures and still keep the shadows / ambient occlusion (See how to modify)

Available on Second Life Marketplace and at our Inworld Main store

Marcus Aurelius was born 05/08/2007 - his username in SecondLife is Goldenboy Planer. He founded the Aurelius Estate in April 2014 as a holding company for other projects. As the first project, Brook Hill estate opened in September 2014 with 9 regions and has later grown to 20 regions in the Blake Sea area. In October 2015 he founded, together with Samuel Fallen, Brook Hill Living - a company that will build and sell houses in Second life.