Brook Hill Summer Time


NewBeachClub2 Brook Hill is offering you something very special for the upcoming summer and vacation season. The completely redesigned BH Beach with cosy and romantic beach cottages: Perfect as a hideaway in summer or just to make an excursion for a weekend with your family and kids. The minimum rental is just 2 days which makes it affordable for your short trip.

For those living in the Blake Sea and for those who want to combine their vacation with boat or sailing cruises we offer several boat slips right on the beach.

NewBeachClubThe entirely rebuilt Beach Club “BH BeachBunker” is just around the corner offering you a Bistro, pool area, playground for kids, lounge areas and direct access to the wide public beach with a lot of new things to discover, especially for the little ones!

For more information see the stats below:

Cost 300 L$ pr week
(You can pay for 2, 4, 5 or 7 days)
100 prims
Brook Hill Club members receive 20% discount on their first payment. Must rent via the Vendor located here address

Free radio
Full privacy
Direct access to the beach

NewBeach4Boat slips are also located at the beach, please check availability by the docks. First come, first served.

SURL Beach cottages: address

SURL Beach Club: address

Marcus Aurelius was born 05/08/2007 - his username in SecondLife is Goldenboy Planer. He founded the Aurelius Estate in April 2014 as a holding company for other projects. As the first project, Brook Hill estate opened in September 2014 with 9 regions and has later grown to 20 regions in the Blake Sea area. In October 2015 he founded, together with Samuel Fallen, Brook Hill Living - a company that will build and sell houses in Second life.