Photo Contest “What Floats Your Boat”

As we enjoy summer time around the Blake Sea and in other sailing regions, we see many cruises, races, or just groups gathering for parties on the sea.
Many believe time on the water enriches lives and brings people closer, like grabbing a friend and going Kayaking and enjoying the beautiful surroundings.
If you enjoy fun on the water, then how about showing us what floats your boat!
Brook Hill Gallery and Estate invites you to join us for our fourth photo contest, “What Floats Your Boat”!
Let’s get those camera’s out and show us how you enjoy fun on the water..  All photos must show some type of fun on the water, whether sailing, kayaking, jet skiing, canoeing or wakeboarding.  Please no rafts, floaties or inner tubes.
  •  Title your photo/s Brook Hill Photo Contest “What Floats Your Boat” – Your name here   (Example – Brook Hill Photo Contest “What Floats Your Boat” – Rey Vlodovic)
  • Submit it to our Flick Group (
  • If you do not have a Flickr membership but wish to enter the contest, you may submit your photo/s to following e-mail address ( and we will upload your materials to our Flickr page.
  • The contest is open to all
  • Photo/s must be taken showing some type of boat on the water.  Sailboat, motorboat, kayak,jet ski and wakeboarding are all fine.  No rafts, floaties or inner tubes.
  • You may submit up to 3 photos
  • No nudity please.
  • By entering the contest you agree that Brook Hill Estate may use your photo/s (crediting you) for promotional purposes
  • Grand Prize : Ushuaia – A new modern cruise class sailboat from The Mesh Shop.
  • Runner Up Prize : The Sea Boss Xtreme by The Mesh Shop – This jet ski is the new ultimate fun on the water.
  • Contest opens on Thursday July 21th 2016
  • Contest closes on Thursday August 25th 2016 at noon slt (21hrs CET)
  • Winners will be announced on Sunday August 28th
If you would like to see both prizes and try out the demo, you can find them at The Mesh Shop.
All pictures will be evaluated by a jury whose decisions are final.
Brook Hill owners, staff, and employees are not eligible to win prizes.
Artist, Director and Curator for Brook Hill Gallery.