Brook Hill Gallery Presents Dexter Farslider!


Brook Hill Gallery Presents Dexter Farslider!

Brook Hill Gallery is about to be graced with the amazing woks of Dexter Farslider.

Dexter’s work is fresh and crisp, bringing a type of life to his work that mesmerizes his viewers. Dexter has some beautiful, captivating landscapes that will give you a sense of wanderlust.

Get ready to be amazed and praise this wonderful artist on Sunday November 13th from 11am – 1pm slt (pacific time) for his opening event.

DJ KB Byk will be playing the grooves to set the mood for this wonderful event.

Dexter’s exhibit runs from November 13th till December 11th 2016.

Look forward to seeing everyone.

Brook Hill Gallery

Artist, Director and Curator for Brook Hill Gallery.