The Finse Set released


The Finse Set is now available inworld and at SL Marketplace. It was made for The Crossroad sales event December 2016.

The Finse Fat pack contains;

The Finse Cabinet
The Finse Tableware Set, Joule Red
The Finse Tableware Set, Vienna Green
The Finse Tableware Set, Elephant Grey
The Finse Wreath with lights
The Moulded Wall Panel, Solids A

Total value 1265L$ – For the fat pack you pay 1100L$.
Please note, if you re size any of these products, the LI might change.

The tableware Sets contains;
BHL – Finse Oval Plate Stack
BHL – Finse Oval plate
BHL – Finse Jug (empty)
BHL – Finse Jug (filled)
BHL – Finse Cup
BHL – Finse Cup (Filled)
BHL – Finse Sauser x 2
BHL – Finse Sugar cup
BHL – Finse Sugar pot lid
BHL – Finse Pot
BHL – Finse Pot Lid
BHL – Finse Bowl
BHL – Finse Vase
BHL – Finse Cake stand


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